Successful business uses Big Data

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A recent survey (2013) has shown that the businesses are more and more interested in Big Data, Business Intelligence and the benefits of BI implementation. The survey is conducted by the Economist Intelligence Unit and contains 700 interviewed companies that share their opinion on Big Data – whether they use Big Data strategy or not. According to the interviews all the surveyed organization mark that they are facing the challenge of rising amounts of Big Data and there is a strong correlation between successful organizations and organizations that leverage Big Data and manage Business Intelligence projects. It is possible to say that companies that run business intelligence appear to be more intelligent and more competitive than their opponents.

Also, the survey shows that nearly 50 percent of respondents whose companies perform significantly greater than their peers have a well-defined Big Data strategy. All these market winners work with one data strategy plan – it is strongly recommended to determine the business goals and arrange the priority of them first, then find key persons with skills and experience who will manage the big data projects.

“An organization’s data is only as good as the business insights it reveals,” – states Paul Kent, vice president of big data at SAS. “Mapping your big data strategy to address your challenges is crucial. But the importance of hiring the right people to manage and analyze your data and communicate results cannot be overstated.”

As we can see, the nowadays business is in big need of Data scientists and data managers – the employees who will gain insight from data. These key persons will play key role in decision making and provide executives with vital business advices and reports.  Also, 66 percent of respondents admit that they are gathering WEB data about their customers, 22 percent say that social media and WEB data improves their interactions with customers, while this number increases to 32 percent among most successful organizations.

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