Datawarehouse Software

A datatawarehouse is by defination a database filled with data used for analysis of various kinds, such a database used to power business intelligence and other OLAP tools by using datamining technics.

There are many types of data mining and datawarehouse software on the market today, some of them come in complete packages which covers everything from the datawarehouse, the data mining process and the displaying of the patterings found by the data mining process in a userfriendly interface. One of these tools is the Targit BI Suite which is one of the most advanced performance tools on the market today.

Both Oracle, SAP and IBM have some advanced datawarehouse software which can be used to power a large range of OLAP tools and can collect data from various sources and display them in a way a human can actually understand. Use these data to predict new trends, find the weak and strong points in your business or merely find patterns in raw data.