Dashboard tools help users manage Data

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Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards are the must-have control panels that help leverage gathered Data for busy business managers and workers who are not supposed to dig Big Data deeply. BI Dashboards are presented in charts, graphs, gauges, etc., the tools that are designed for the data analysis process. But there is another problem – how to build an effective dashboard that really works and suits to all executives and heads of business units? The challenge of IT department VS Business users could happen, since the last ones are the demanding audience with numbers in the heads.

Most likely you will not escape this issue except in the case when the dashboards are already the part of BI landscape. To understand the challenge of BI dashboards better let`s see the real stats of a survey. The consultancy of Dresner Advisory Services says that dashboards topped the list of technologies that expected to be most vital to BI strategies – this statement was made according to the answers of 859 BI and business specialists (2012). Forty one percent of the respondents stated that BI dashboards were critical to their data analysis process, while thirty seven percent estimated them as very important tools. But just 1% ranked the dashboards as not important at all.

The development of advanced data visualization capabilities adds new challenges for BI designers who must avoid overloading screens with flashy graphics that only get in decision-makers` way. Read more about BI dashboards and the implementation practices on datawarehousesoftware.org

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