Business Intelligence is going to Cloud Computing

December 5, 2012 in Data warehouse Info by K. Anton  |  No Comments

It is interesting that the fastest growing category of Cloud Computing is BI analytics solutions. At the end of 2011 a survey report from Saugatuck Technology showed that only 13 percent companies all over the world – huge organizations and small businesses of all industries – pointed that they have Cloud BI analytics solutions in use. Some experts believe that this number can be doubled in 2013. Since it is popular and Cloud solution can handle huge amounts of data in a consistent manner across companies and departments, there are a lot of mid-market companies that are interested in Cloud BI and are going to run Business Intelligence in Cloud.

Definitely, we are still in the very beginning of Cloud Business Intelligence and Analytics but there is a stable trend that is expressed in impressive numbers. Also, as points Saugatuck`s report, Cloud-based analytics will have 84 percent compound annual growth for the next two years. The report is grouted on a survey sample of 200 companies – the IT and business leaders, along with input along 30 vendors.

Business Intelligence whether it is on premises or a Cloud Solutions still remains the field where enterprises are investing their money even while the whole investments in IT and business are down. The reason is simple – BI shows the company`s data and the outer data (the competitors and the customers) which can be handled and analyzed. So that Big Data becomes value information that helps to reduce spending, improve the interaction between departments, understand the business better. For this reason, the companies of all markets will be always interested in Business Intelligence, however until recent time it was the playground for big organizations only.

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