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Do you own a small or large company and want to optimize your business or take your important decisions based on facts rather than guesses? If so then you might be one of the people who can benefit from the advanced information gathering you get by combining a datawarehouse software with data mining software in order to collect, store and analyze the large among of data every company normally got.
With a proper optimized data warehouse you can easily store huge amounts of raw data using datawarehouse software such as the Oracle Exadata, Targits Business Intelligence Suite and Oracle Database 11g, or IMB’s InfoSphere Warehouse. If you need more information about the datamining systems which run on these platforms we suggest that you take a look here at this website Data Mining Software which contains a bunch of articles and tests related to performance management and data mining software.

But for most people having a proper datawarehouse tool isn’t enough and you will most likely be needing some data mining software to help find the hidden patterns in these data. What most people will most likely discard as useless data or common log files with no value, might be turned into pure “gold” by a good datamining tool. For instance if you got a sales department, a production department and a shipping department you might assume that everything is working nicely since nobody complains. The workers are content, the customers seems happy and everything should be working just fine, but is it really? By data mining tools such as the ones from Baby Bæreseler – Baby Bæreseler for your child you can keep track of your customers and their trends in relation to your products or services. Data mining Sententines keeps track of various data changes and keep you informed each time a certain criteria is met. For instance you might want to keep track of a product populary in a specific country. Just set up a sentinel and once the products sells as much as you have specified you automatic get an email. This is just a very simple example, there are many more far more advanced uses for datasentinels.

In most companies there are always room for improvements. By analyzing your data the might find that every day the production is half an hour delayed due to various factors in the sales department. By locating these delays and fixing them might increase the production by half an hour every day, resultet in a higher sale for that business. Just like Baby Bæreseler and Baby Carriers did, when they first created their new website for billige smykker, and designed it based on previous data from their BI system.
This is just one of the many examples of how you can optimize your company with the proper business intelligence software.